VR Used in Multiple Industries

VR Used in Multiple Industries

There’s more that meets the eye in the world of virtual reality besides long nights strung out on Redbull and waking up with Cheetos crumbs on your shirt. With the twenty-first century under our palms, it’s hard to imagine a life where churning butter is the highlight of the afternoon. Technology abounds and virtual reality makes living in a new dimension possible within multiple aspects of daily living from the medical field and construction to education.

In the classroom, teachers can utilize cost effective VR methods such as Google Cardboard and implement a new learning technique as opposed to the grit of dissecting the smelly, nasty organs of animals themselves. In a study that was conducted recently by Extreme Networks, one institution responded that they have the ability to see beyond what the eye can see at surface level of a cow and see its circulatory system, brain, muscles and skeleton. What can VR do to save the costs of fieldtrips? With Google Expeditions, a classroom can visit different regions and study their ecosystems without lifting a leg.

Of course the medical field has been ever changing since the mid-1900’s. But with virtual reality, doctors can do many things like improve the recovery time of a stroke patient or utilize VR hardware in operating rooms to improve precision and use them for teachable moments as well. Not only used by the clinicians, VR in hospitals have also been used to settle the nerves of patients by sending them on a warm tropical vacation while undergoing simple awake procedures and especially used on pediatric units.

Even our military uses VR to train soldiers in the effective and safe simulation of real life simulations that are relevant in battle. Not yet as popular as flight simulation, virtual reality technology in the military field has kicked off a trend amongst the branches into using ground vehicle simulators combined with VR hardware that moves through terrain of different aspects of earth and are held at an important part of the military’s training strategy.

Virtual reality is popping up in the real estate market, especially for higher price point homes at this juncture. This is popular amongst the international buying market where a client in another country is interested in purchasing property in the states. In this instance, the realtor just sends a VR headset to the client and they have a virtual walk through of the entire home, fully immersed into the location almost as if they were there physically. According to a recent study, it was estimated that in the next two to four years, VR headsets would be used for smaller price point homes as well. It was added that while the VR headset may not replace visiting the physical location itself, but it would limit the number of properties to visit and lessen the resources required for travel.

In conclusion, the VR industry is rapidly improving by the minute and no doubt it will continue to change the way society utilizes technology. Not only has the cost of VR technology made it more accessible to the general public, it has already affected our lives in some way or another whether knowing about it or not.


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