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Game Feature: CLAZER

Game Feature: CLAZER

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at shooting clay pigeons? Well, now’s your chance. Clazer is a simulation that allows you to experience the art of sport shooting from the comfort and convenience of virtual reality. As soon as you don the head gear, you are transported to authentic environments with real shotgun physics. You aim your shotgun, pull the trigger, and blast the clay!

Clazer uses technology, patented by LeadTech, that teaches you the proper way to lead a target so you can accurately hit it. Real physics are integrated that actually simulate the ballistics of various types of shot. Professional sport shooters have already provided enthusiastic feedback. Clazer is so accurate that it will improve your ability to shoot real targets using an actual shotgun.

Have fun in three different environments : Skeet, Trap, and Five Stand. You have access to a practice mode that helps to better visualize missed shot trajectory. Competition modes for Skeet, Trap, and Five Stand integrate professional rules and guidelines. Compete on the global leaderboard or locally. A great party game!

New and advanced updates bring a bunch of new content and features including: new guns, hand rendering, shotgun reloading, two-handed shotgun mechanics, laser pointers, and even more realism.

Clazer runs on Windows with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Touch.


Developer Interview: Stephen Madsen

Developer Interview: Stephen Madsen


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the CoFounder of SynaptixGames, Stephen Madsen. SynaptixGames started out as a Father/Son duo over 5 years ago.

Q: How old are you and when did you become a game developer?
A: I am 30 years old and I started developing video games professionally in 2009.

Q: What inspired you to become a game developer? Why? Who?
A: I played video games as a kid and all through high school. When I found a school (Full Sail University) that would teach me computer science and video games, it was an easy choice.

Q: What education do you have in game developing? Self taught or institution learned?
A: Full Sail University

Q: With technology changing every day, how much time do you spend researching the trends and changes in the developing market?
A: At least an hour spent every day keeping up with the release of new hardware, tools, and SDKs. Some of that time is spent following trends on Twitter and news from the developing market.

Q: How long does it take to develop a game?
A: Anywhere from 4 months to 4 years depending on the scope of the project.

Q: How many games have you developed in your time as a developer?
A: 20 published titles.

Q: Do you find working at night is easier than working during the day? Does something about darkness and quiet bring you focus?
A: I get most of my work done late at night or early in the morning. At those times of day, I can more easily get into the zone and make rapid progress.

Q: Do you think Virtual Reality has opened the doors to unlimited gaming experiences?
A: The doors to unlimited gaming experiences was already opened without VR. There are so many devices and gadgets to create games for. It is a fantastic time to be a developer. However, VR itself is open to unlimited gaming and non-gaming experiences.